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The base in Real Club Náutico Palma

In May 2017, our own Charter del mar dock in RCNP was modernised. There is now enough room here for the whole fleet, along with options for storing luggage and relaxing in the shade. If you arrive early you can pass the time waiting for check-in at the neighbouring bar “Corb Mari”.

Lernen Sie uns kennen. Das Team von Charter del Mar verfügt über fast 30 Jahre Erfahrung in Service und Yachtcharter in den Niederlanden und in Mallorca. Es setzt alles daran, die Erwartungen ihrer Kunden bezüglich Service und Qualität stets zu erfüllen oder zu übertreffen. Mit bewährtem Know-How und persönlicher Leidenschaft sorgen sie dafür, dass ihre Kunden einen entspannten und unbeschwerten Segelurlaub genießen können.



Managing Director
Booking Manager


Your charter holiday should be fun, relaxing and should not be troubled by unnecessary complications. We want to win you over as clients and keep you for future charter holidays. For that reason, it is important to us that your cruise become one of your best memories. Thanks to our optimally arranged network, we can offer you an extensive service package from a single source.

Technical service – 24 hours a day

The technical equipment of your ship is in top condition. No compromises are made here. Should, however, there still arise problems with your yacht, our in-house technical service is available 24-hours a day and 7 days a week. Troubleshooting will be done quickly and professionally so that you can enjoy your holiday without any restrictions.

Handling registration at Cabrera

One of the most popular mooring points is the bay of the island of Cabrera. However, you can only call at it with prior written registration. We will be glad to handle registration for you.


Your purchase will be delivered

We will be glad to take care of the catering service. The products you ordered will be delivered to the dock the day you arrive. You can download the current price list here:


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